Types Of Pyroptosis And Apoptosis

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There are many forms of cell death that play parts in antiviral immunity of the body. The main and arguably most well-known form is Apoptosis. The characteristics indicating the structure of apoptotic cells have been well described in past literature. This pathway can be stimulated intrinsically through disruption or damage to the mitochondria or extrinsically through the release of death cytokines.
The next form of cell death has been historically described as an accidental form of cell death, due to the seemingly unregulated spread of inflammation when this pathway is triggered. However, new research lately has alluded to this process as being a tightly controlled process, and is sometimes referred to as necroptosis or programmed necrosis.
There is another pathway called Pyroptosis, which contains its own distinct pathway for caspase dependent cell death. This process used to be mislabeled as a different pathway for apoptosis, but now has been determined to be a different mechanism and morphology when compared to apoptosis. Pyroptosis functions primarily through a protein called the inflammasome, and has two pathways that act together to provide a strong defense against viral infections.
The last
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This mechanism functions in one of two pathways, intrinsically or extrinsically. These pathways respond to different apoptotic stimuli therefore, are activated under certain conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor these pathways as it could cause great harm if this pathway is ill regulated, as we see in various diseases such as Parkinson’s disease (7). Both of these pathways achieve complete cell death through the use of caspases which are formed through the cleavage of inactive zymogen form
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