Types Of Planning And Strategic Planning

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Setting and achieving goals is a task in itself for individuals and companies alike. Without goals what are we to know what we are working towards? In a company setting, goals are a one-directional approach to keeping the company moving forward and preparing a clear concise vision for any and all employees that work for the company. Companies that share goals with their employees tend to see a lower turnover rate because the employees are buying in to the job and goal at hand. The company works as one when goals are presented and executed. The top three challenges faced by HR organizations today are turnover, employee engagement, and succession planning. (Carter, 2015)
Types of planning used to achieve goals
For this paper we will look at two
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Tactical planning and strategic planning do have some of the same characteristics but are used a little differently. Tactical planning is typically used for here and now type goals. Tactical planning is also most often used in different divisions of one company. There may be 10 different ongoing tactical plans at the same time in a company whereas there is only one strategic plan. Tactical planning is a systematic determination and scheduling of the immediate or short-term activities required in achieving the objectives of strategic planning. (Tactical Planning, 2016) Tactical planning often outlines the production tasks needed in order to fulfill the strategic plan. (Patrick Genin, 2007) The way I differentiate the two planning types is the strategic plan is where the company is going and the tactical plan is how they are going to get there. So although they may be utilized in different ways they are still working towards the same…show more content…
As with everything in business without one or the other a company would have a hard time reaching the vision of the company. Strategic planning and tactical planning are the most utilized planning methods in the business world. (Pirraglia, 2016) This can be because they intermingle so seamlessly. Any good company will utilize strategic and tactical planning methods, just remember the strategic plan comes first. With a mission and vision, followed through with a strong strategical plan a company can succeed. For a company to prosper take it a step further and utilize tactical plans to implement the departmental factors for the strategic plan. When utilizing both planning methods a company can strive for the longevity every business owner dreams
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