Types Of Government In Ancient Greek Government

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This essay will describe the different forms of government in the ancient Greek. These government ruled at different times in the ancient Greek and to be specific we will look, compare and contrast monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy as forms of government in Ancient Greek city-states. We start the ball rolling with:
Monarchy is from the Greek word monos (meaning single ) and arkhein ( Meaning “rule” . This is the kind of rule where power is in the hands of one person. This person is usually called the king and has got a council of advisors in Africa usually called ‘Indunas’. The powers are usually hereditary and the kingship is passed on to the next person in the inheritance linage of the royal family after
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Power is in the hands of the people. Democracy developed around the same time as the tyranny government somewhere 500 BCE when the people opposed the Tyranny type of government. The pioneer city was Athens which established the governing body of Athenian democracy called Citizens Assembly which comprised of 30,000 to 40,000 eligible citizens by birth Adult men of the city of Athens. Usually 5000 attended the council of Assembly and they met close to 40 times in year, where they presided over foreign policies, revised the laws and looked at the public order behavior of the leaders. The decisions where reached at through public debate and voting and a small group of 500 people was chosen to run the day to day governance activities.

Ancient Greek systems of government took many forms monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy. Because the Greek city-states were self-governing entities and not bound together by any type of central control or an empire, as in other ancient civilizations, various different governing formats developed independently and allowed for experimentation and change. However it must be mentioned that Greece is the mother of the democratic government being used today by so many
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