Types Of Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence Emotions are a mix of feelings that individuals’ deal with daily and learning how to control and improve how we handle these emotions can be tricky. Emotional intelligence is also known as an emotional quotient (EQ), it provides an insightful awareness into recognizing feelings, giving the ability to handle these feelings, setting attainable goals, having the ability to understand what others may feel, and being able to interact with others productively and positively. There are tests available for individuals to monitor the levels of someone’s EQ such as the McGraw-Hill website, the test checks for self-awareness, self-management, self-management, self-motivation, and empathy (Management Stress Assessment, 2017). Emotional intelligence covers a vast number of things related to controlling emotions, strategies for managing emotions, and what is an appropriate emotional state in being able to interact with others. When an individual tries to control their emotions in any given situation, they will become self-aware of what causes the stressful situations in their lives. Furthermore, learning how to handle a variety of feelings…show more content…
Being able to think clearly and react to situations in a calm manner will greatly reduce any negative feelings that may arise. According to Lucas Laursen, having a trusted friend with you in times of emotional stress can help a person navigate their surroundings easier (Laursen, 2008), consequently giving you the support needed to accomplish anything. Knowing how to change the way you think about things when making decisions that will not anger, upset, or create unnecessary emotional problems can improve your

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