Types Of Child Psyopaths

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Charlotte Brodie
Ms. Valentine
English 10
May 5th 2014
Child Psychopaths
Everyone is unique. Some are smart, funny, and artistic, but then there are the children that function differently than the average human being. These types of children follow their own rules and view the world differently than the average, and are called psychopaths. If children displaying psychotic behavior are found when they are young, they can get the attention they need, and be cared for by someone trained instead of their parents. Even though there is not a said cure for psychopathy, these children can get special care and learn to control themselves.
There is a way to identify dangerous psychopaths before they do something disastrous, and if recognized at a young age, these people can get the management needed in order to grow us as a stable human being. There are traits and signs indicating that a child might, in the future, develop into a psychopath. While no one is comfortable labeling a child as a psychopath, ignoring these traits can be much worse, Mark Dadds explains. He goes on to explain that the identification process used is quite strong and accurate. If these children are identified and given the care they need at a young age, they can change course (Kahn). Although putting that psychopath label on children is horrible, it is necessary to the future of that child and those interacting with that person. “People are worried about labeling, but if we can identify these kids, at least we have a chance to help them... And if we miss that chance, we might not get another one” (Kahn). In addition to this, although there is not a said cure for psychopathic behavior, children can be treated and taken care of in a way that gives th...

... middle of paper ... other children because their brains are modeled in a different way than a normal child. They need extra attention and need to be treated and cared for differently. If caught, they can change and get the attention they need. “Psychopaths show a stunning lack of concern for the effects their actions have on others, no matter how devastating these might be” (Hare). This is what makes them extremely dangerous.
If children are displaying signs of psychopathy, they should be sought out and given special care. Crimes committed by psychopaths would dramatically decrease and these troubled children would get the attention they need. Most adult psychopaths have a troubled past and if children displaying the signs of psychopathy are given care, their minds can reshape. This is why identifying these children at a young age important and necessary for the future.
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