Types Of Bone Fracture

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The skeletal system is made of bones. Bone is a connective tissue which plays an important role for the function of the body, it provides support and structure to our body, it helps muscles to cause motion, it stores calcium and release it when the body needs it. The aim of this essay is to talk about what is a fracture, the types of bone fracture, how is diagnosed, the treatment and the prevention.

What is a fracture?
A fracture is a break in continuity of a bone. Fractures might occur when you’re involved in a serious accident, when you fall, due to sport injures or when a part of your body is stuck for a long time in something. Fractures may also occur through some diseases like osteoporosis. (Schultz, 1990)

Types of bone fracture

There are different types of fractures, the type of fracture which occurs depends on the direction and the magnitude of the force applied to the bone. Let’s have a look at the different types of fractures that can occur. First is the transverse fracture in which the break occurs perpendicular to the axis of the bone and it is caused by a force which is directly applied to the
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An avulsion fracture is when fragments of bone are pulled away from their original position, it can occur by a violent contraction of the muscle causing it to pull off a portion of bone attached to the muscle. This fracture is common in the knee and in the shoulder joints. An impacted fracture is a condition in which one of the broken fragments of the bone wedges into another bone, this fracture usually occurs in an area of cancellous bone. A fissure fracture is the breakage of the bone that occurs parallel with the long axis of the bone and finally we have the greenstick fracture, It’s a fracture in which bones bends and crack. It occurs mostly in children because their bones are softer and more flexible. (Schultz,

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