Types Of Bioethics

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Bioethics is the branch of philosopy that studies the ethical issues involved in biological diciplines by implementing, defending, systematizing and recommending concepst of right and wrong behaviour (Hughes, 2014;Perterson 2013). As further defined by Peterson (2013), ‘bioethics’ is multidisciplinary including approaches in the clinical, scientific, legal, sociological, and religious, as well as philosophical field. The term ‘bioethics’ is therefore also used mutually with medical ethics, clinical ethics and research ethics (Peterson 2013).
For that reason, some points of elaboration such as to what ‘scientific research’ is and its connection to bioethics are necessary before proceeding further to case studies/ deviating from the use of bioethics in research. Scientific research is described by Dellis et al., (2014) as the search for scientific knowledge, in order to gain information and to use these for the development of new and novel applications that will benefit humanity. Furthermore, Science is a knowledge based on hypotheses, observations, and experiments that either invent...
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