Tymoshenko Case Study

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case of former prime-minister Tymoshenko. These were possible reasons of long way towards the agreement. But why did they make the worst mistake ever –stopped in one step before finish. I believe that the real crucial factor is hiding somewhere in Kremlin, so Russia participated in the destiny of neighbor country since the very beginning of story. Anyway, going back to “Maidan”, it turned into heart of Europe, not Brussels, but Kiev. People felt themselves Europeans so desperately, fighting for democracy and liberty, all what European Union has already achieved. After peaceful demonstrations on Maidan ( there were mostly young people, students) president gave an order to attack people, using force with the final aim to destroy totally even the simplest endeavor to go out in the streets and say : no I don’t agree. But this didn’t happen, after rude beating of students in Kiev real revolution just began, it made millions of people around country, including capital to stand up against regime, which allows slaying people, putting them in prison without reason, torturing them and kidnapping. Of course we can call it as Maidan European revolution. But we must distinguish two positions: pro-European vector in future and position against current authorities, against system, which made Ukraine one of the poorest countries in Europe, against corruption, unfair courts, low salaries, disgusting medical system and many other problems of Ukrainian reality. So it wasn’t a choice between Europe and Russia. First of all it was a choice of better life in Ukraine where human’s rights and needs are respected. During several months of fighting between rivals and police Ukrainian history became richer with tragic heroes, truthful believers in free... ... middle of paper ... ...ing to recognize new Ukrainian government as one, which can participate in international relations as an equal partner because of unconstitutional illegal status. The Budapest Memorandum, signed by Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and the United Kingdom in December 1994, committed the signatories to respect Ukraine’s post-Soviet borders, while Ukraine pledged to transfer its massive stockpile of Soviet-era nuclear weapons to Russia for decommissioning. But we mustn’t forget that new post-revolution government was chosen by legitimate parliament, moreover, members of ruling pro Yanukovich party voted as well, and this can be a serious contra-argument. Probably, officials of Moscow simply had no wish to waste time for talks with Kiev and acted radically and promptly. Finally, on March 18 Putin signed a treaty incorporating the Crimea into the Russian Federation.

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