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Tyler Medical Center I feel that the main problem that Gloverston is dealing with is a miscommunication with in the company. For a major company like Gloverston to be successful they have to have each employee on the same page. Tyler has seven functionally defined areas. Each functional area has a associate administrator who reports directly to Gloverston. These functional areas are: 1. Medical Services 2. Nursing Services 3. Rehabilitation Services 4. Dietary Services 5. Accounting, Services 6. Plant & Housekeeping Services 7. Pharmaceutical Services Gloverston's job is to handle the complaints from the associate administrators to each service. He found that his two major problems were the Medical and nursing services. He found out that the major problem was with the attitude of the nursing staff. He had complaints saying they were rude, abrupt, and did not care about their behavior. The Nursing staff had their argument as well. They felt as if they were being left out of the company and had no say. They thought that doctors and technicians from the medical staff did not include them in discussions about performance. I think that Gloverston's main flaw is his inability to be a good leader. he lacks the ability of leadership in his company. As chief administrator he has to be able to lead the company and control the problems with in the company. Leadership is defined as the social influence process involving voluntary pursuit of collective objectives. To encourage voluntary participation, leaders supplement any authority and [power they posses with their personal attributes and social skills. This is what Gloverston was lacking. His inability to communicate clearly to his functional areas. They are five major traits that one must posses to be a successful leader. First intelligence is a must. Next scholarship is needed. Then dependability in exercising responsibilities. Followed by activity and social participation. Lastly socioeconomic status. These traits are a must if a leader plans to be successful in running a business. An other concept that could drastically help Gloverston would be the Managerial Functions. This is one of the most basic concepts in business. It consist of Decision making, organizing, staffing, communicating, and motivating. This process can be the basic guidelines for Gloverston to re-control his company. I feel that if Gloverston can sit down with each functional team individually and discuss what there problems are and what he can do to help, the company will turn around in a positive direction. Then each functional area has to realize the problems of all the other areas and try to coincide with these problems.

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