Two Religions, One World

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Two Religions, One World Religion, one of the most sacred and oldest traditions of the human species, started off as a belief in an afterlife. After awhile it developed into many different tribal religions, then into ancestral worship, involving into polytheism, and lastly monotheism. Buddhism and Christianity are two of the most highly anticipated religions, both making up around 39% of the practiced religions in the world (Differences). Whether having differences between the two “gods,” how they are practiced, and the history, all religions have positive potential if used correctly. The appearances of two famous “creators” are probably the first things that come into your mind when talking about Buddhism or Christianity. Buddhism actually rejects any ideas of a main creator of the religion, but the earliest known founder was Gautama Buddha. Early on in his life, the physical description of him was a thin, non-aged man; he had no imperfections whatsoever, sitting in a meditation stance. Now he is known to be a jolly old man with not a hair on his head, but still sitting ...
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