Two Methodologies of Charles Lindblom in the Science of Muddling Though

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Charles Lindblom in the Science of Muddling Though identified two methodology in formulating policy - the Rational Comprehensive (Root) and Successive Limited Comparisons (Branch). There are numerous differences between the root and branch decision-making methods for policymaking; root (rational) decision-making starts from basic issues on every occasion and builds from the ground up, whereas branch (successive limited comparison) begins with the current situation and changes incrementally. The linear or rational model presents policy-making as a problem solving process which is sensible, objective and analytical. In the model, decisions are made in an orderly manner starting with the identification of a problem or issue then ending with a set of activities to solve or deal with it. Charles Lindblom is critical of the Rational Comprehensive Method (Root) of policy process as simplistic and difficult to apply when dealing with complex issues (Lindblom, 1959, p. 79). He advocates that there is logic of “muddling through” the process rather than identifying all the issues, collecting al...
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