Two Major causes of How Species Changed

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Evolution is defined as change over time in organisms. Before Charles Darwin, scientist Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet Chevalier de Lamark noted there were two major causes of how species changed. They were first through a natural tendency for each species to progress towards a higher form and second by the inheritance of acquired characteristic. Baron George Leopold Chretien Frederick Dagobert Cuvier theory to explain the changes that occurred in species was called catastrophism which states that species are wipe-out periodically by sudden catastrophes like natural disasters, and they are replaced by a different set of species. Although, many scientists before Charles Darwin noticed the difference in species; it was Darwin who wanted to explain the process in which the changes in a species happened over time. The theory of natural selection would help to explain this occurrence. The theory of natural selection consists of 3 main components: variation, inheritance, and selection. Darwin noted that organisms exist in excess far greater than they can survive or reproduce. Within these organisms there are different variations. Those variations are then inherited from parent to offspring; generation after generation. The organism with inherited characteristic that help with survival and reproduction are selected amongst the different variations of that organism. They are then able to reproduce more than others and therefore they are able to pass down their traits to one generation on to the next. Darwin’s theory of natural selection explained adaptations that helped a species to survive. Darwin also wanted to explain the changes that occurred through the success of mating. This theory is called sexual selection which can exp...

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...elds will because to better understand their field of study. It will help give these sub-fields a foundation on which to anchor their beliefs.

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