Two Major Causes Of Terrorism: The War On Terrorism

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Intro: There is no set definition for terrorism, this is because each country has a different definition of terrorism, but it is commonly recognized as violence from groups with political, religious or ideological ideas. Terrorism tries to bring about change with violence and their targets are usually unsuspecting civilians. However, freedom fighters understand terrorism to be violence against the government and government policy to bring about political, and social change to better their way of life. There are two major categories of terrorism, International and Domestic terrorism (Yancey, 2006). Causes of Terrorism: There are five major factors that terrorist are motivated by, “political ideology, racial/moral convictions, anarchism, religious, or nationalism” (Yancey, 2006). People choose terrorism when they feel there is no way out. They fight to defend what they believe is right. They believe that violence will be effective and will cause change. They believe that the means justify the ends. It is hard to give an exact reason of why…show more content…
September 11, 2001 was a day that made history all around the world especially in the US. That dark day the US suffered a terrorist attack from a terrorist group called al-Qaeda lead by Osama Bin Laden. Osama was the leader of a group of terrorist from Saudi Arabia. Under his command, he led attacks all around the world. On September 11, Usama planned the biggest terrorist attack in the United States history. Nineteen terrorist hijacked four planes and carried out a suicide attack against targets in the United States. This attack marked the day that America started the war on terrorism. Due to the attacks the US created the Patriot Act, and many other laws to protect the United States against terrorist (History Staff,
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