Two Kinds By Amy Tan Character Analysis

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Relationship goes the wrong way. In your mind with all the different thoughts that you have going thru all at once, ever think about the relationship that you have with your mother? Well some people end up losing their relationship with their mom just over something really small or even being forced to do something that they did not want to do in the first place. Well there a story named “Two kinds” by Amy Tan. This story is about a young girl named Jing- mei along with a mom that wanted her to be the best she can be and not be the type of child that stays home and has to talent. Well at the end of the story you will start seeing that she figures out that her mom was right all along and that she regrets what she did. After a careful analysis…show more content…
Well her mom always believed one thing throughout the whole story and that was this “you can be anything you want to be in the world we live in now” (Tan 220). Her mom never said to give up or even not to try. The first thing her mom wanted her to be is a prodigy and she thought it would be fun so she tried it. So she did the prodigy for awhile and one day everything started on trying new things that her mom seen in a magazine that other kids were doing. One night her mom came home from work and and sat on the couch together with Jing- mei, she started going through it and then Jing- mei was asked “what’s the capital of california” (Tan 222). Jing-mei did not get it right because she was not thought as a kid what the capitals were or even when were they belonged. Her mom wanted her have a really good talents that would make it in a magazine or on the news. Not only did she want Jing- mei to be really good at something, but she wanted her to be good at something that she can go brag about. Maybe if Jing- mei was good at something her mom would not push her to be someone she…show more content…
Jing-mei was trying her best on everything her mom asked her to do. She never thought about how much having a talent can make someone so upset when you end up falling. In the story, Jing-mei stated “In fact the beginning, I was just as excited as my mother, maybe even more so” (Tan 221). Jing-mei was happy when her mom wanted her to do the prodigy when it first started. Then when she started having all the yelling from her mom when she did not do something right she was not feeling the fun. Everything was not all happy when it came down to her being perfect liked her mom wanted her to be. Well one day Jing- mei did not want to go practice the piano and her mom did not like the word no! So Jing- mei got really upset and her mom tells her “ too late to change this” (Tan 231). Jing- mei decided that she was not going to do what her mother wanted her to do. All she wanted to do was watch tv and have some fun as a child instead of being
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