Two Four Characteristics Of Belional Leadership And Multidemsional Model Of Leadership

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T In studying leadership there are two more theories the Multidemsional model of leadership (MML) and the transformational leaders. The Multidemsional is an interactional model which was designed for sport and exercise. Characteristics of leadership style of athletes can vary in the different situations. The leader characteristics (age, gender, experience) are the personal factors and situational factors and the member characteristics (age, gender, ability) are the situational factors. It argues that if there was three leadership behaviours there would be more of a positive outcome. If the leader behaves in the correct way to the situation and the behaviours match the group members, success will be inevitable. In different styles of leadership the leader must remember he can change his style of leadership to suit the situation. The required leader behaviour means the leader must act in a certain way for example a teacher must…show more content…
Transformational leaders make change happen by challenging organizations. Transformational leadership style is important for different times of change, growth and in some cases crisis it is most successful in organizations that look for change and innovation. There are four components of a transformational leader influencing others having charisma in the ability to inspire others with their vision, getting followers to exert extra energy and determination to achieve amazing results. Having motivation to share goals and have a vision for the organization having motivation and inspiration for their followers. Having the ability to encourage new goals and stimulate creativity from followers. Having a supportive work environment, that can see the individual differences. The effectiveness has been shown in studies of this leadership in affecting change for example Mahatma Gandhi. Transformational leaders can increase self-efficacy and well-being and group
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