Two Career Family Essay

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When a mother has children it can be very difficult to think about leaving them for even a second. Therefore, many mothers prefer to stay home with their children when their husbands have a financially stable career, because mothers understand the different struggles of income, quality time, and the roles of parents in two-career and one-career families. Today, many parents both have careers, which can put added stress on the family and especially mothers. With both parents working, one needs to consider the roles of the household. There are more husbands today that help with household duties such as laundry, cleaning, cooking, and caring for the children, but there are still many that don’t think this is a job for men, which can add more…show more content…
The roles for parents of a one-career family are different, especially that of stay at home mothers. Mothers are responsible for caring for the children and most household duties, while the husband’s main priority is making an income to support the family. Many mothers find it less stressful and are glad to be able to stay home to care for their children and household, since many of these responsibilities ultimately fall on mothers, many husbands are happy to not have the pressures of doing household…show more content…
With only the husband working it can leave a family with financial stress and less money for some luxuries such as a new car or family vacations. Although, there are many relatively inexpensive day trips for families, some mothers feel it leaves them with a limited amount of opportunities, but can be a great cost savings. Vacations don’t need to be big and extravagant, it’s the time spent together that counts. Many small day trips can be just as special for mothers and their families, and can be an annual event to look forward to for years to come. Mothers understand how precious time is with their children; it’s time they can’t get back, so it’s important to be there for all those precious moments. When mothers are able to stay home with their children because their husbands are able to support the family it’s one of the greatest sacrifices to make for their children because mothers understand the many different struggles of two-career and one-career families. Mothers understand how precious time is with their children, and when parents make the needed sacrifices for the best interest of their children it’s the greatest gift for the family. Fathers love their children and want to provide for the family, and the instinct of a mother to care for the children because they understand the many differences of two-career and
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