Twins Is Harder Than Being A Singleton Child

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Why Being a Twin is Harder than Being a Singleton Child Many of us who have siblings would agree that it could be frustrating getting along with your sisters or brothers, well imagine trying to get along with a person who was born from the same womb on the same day. Many of you might think, “Wow, I would love to be a twin! Someone to always be there for me.” Although, it might be nice always having a playmate growing up, and getting to experience life with one another, instead your childhood consists of rivalry, trying to prove you are your own person. Do you know how hard it is to create your own identity in a world that has already created one for you? Or how hard it is to have your own name? Being a twin, you are always called “the twins” it’s never just one “NAME!” believe it or not twin is not our first, middle or last name, shocked? What people don’t know is that secretly twins are very competitive with each other. Both trying to prove to…show more content…
No, if you were to pinch one of us, the other would not feel it. And much like our disappointing inability to not feel pinches from one another, my sister and I cannot read each other's minds. Sorry we can’t live up to your expectations, but we are fortunate enough to have our own bodies and minds, just like other children. And yes, we do occasionally fight with each other. Do you fight with your brothers or sisters? I figured. Being a twin does not mean we are never lonely. We don’t just share each other all day, we have separate lives. So yes, at times, I am sure we both get lonely. People have formed this fails image of the life’s of twin, creating this myth that they live in this perfect “alternative” world that people would crave to have. We are normal human beings just like the rest of you, the only expectation is, twins are born with
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