Tv Is A Hazard Of Mtv

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TV is a hazard In the article “From Dr. Dre to Dismissed: Assessing violence, Sex, and Substance use on MTV” Written by Stacy L. Smith MTV is one of the most watched programs in the whole world. Smith states, “394 million subscribers in 166 countries and territories” (Smith, 94). MTV is one of the most violent channels that portray sex and drugs as a positive thing. This channel not only talks about how people do it but how it’s good to do it because everyone is doing it. TV is starting to look like if it was something that youth would need for them to succeed. TV is not only influencing the teenagers but also the young adults showing them that if everyone is doing it than they should do it too. TV is having a big impact in children today and people can see that by seeing how drugs start being used because it’s a form to show that they are cool just as the same way as having sex at an early age symbolizing they are rebelled and lastly the use of language with profanity. By constantly watching TV channels such as MTV, children and teenagers are more likely to behave in the real world by being violent, experiencing sex too early, drug abusing and speaking with profanity. TV targets audience people that will love their show and will give them higher ratings without caring how this will affect young people that are watching and seeing these different shows. According to Smith “The target audience of MTV is 12- to 34-year-olds, who comprise 33% of the United States population” (Smith, 95). TV industry new shows are coming out every time with new scenes and different perspectives but everything with the purpose of gathering the youth attention. TV instead of making kids smarter it’s making them believe everything they see without givin... ... middle of paper ... ...e becoming more and more common everyday with the movies with people getting drunk and smoking weed making it look like it’s the best thing ever and that only cool people does it makes teenagers expertise that leading to a new addiction. Exposing sex on TV is not only affecting the children but it’s affecting the teenagers making them curious about life and trying to experience new stuff leading to a teen pregnancy or sometimes diseases. All these are serious problems that USA has in society today but since TV has become an everyday thing for every American family that all these different issues do not really seem to be relevant because all these problems are a part of society. If people want to look for a solution to solve the violence, the young sex, and the profanity in the teenager’s first people need to solve the number one problem that no one thinks of The TV.

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