Turning Point

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Frank Jason LeBron curled his finger slowly but purposefully around the trigger. He could hear the echo of police sirens as they drew closer and could not help but feeling nauseous at the intense smell of asbestos that resonated from the factory interior. The sun was blazing down on him through the windows that were slightly ajar and slowly beads of sweat dripped off his lush black hair onto his angry looking face, which had many scars. He was a miniscule man with a scarred face and a crooked nose yet he had an aura of invincibility and strength. Gazing through his cold grey eyes he could vaguely make out the terrified look on the face of Dudley Dexter, as he lay slumped out of exhaustion in the corner of the warehouse in his blood stained tuxedo. “Bid D” as he was affectionately known was clutching his left arm, which probably had been broken; during the beating, he had endured earlier. Frank had always wondered what he would do when he eventually arrived at this situation. Would he be able to pull that trigger? Would he be able to end a life? The colossal question that still was unanswered, did he deserve it?

LeBron thought back to all the times in that place of horrors and torture that they call Dunford Correctional Facility. If only the world knew, what heinous crimes were perpetrated inside those walls? Many of the inmates were of high ranking in terms of a security threat. They were all there for crimes they never committed. Many inmates were there on charges of murder, the main cause was lack of accountability and corruption. It became common knowledge that the judicial system was substandard. Frank LeBron believed that the prisoners were tools of the politician’s propaganda. The people were sentenced to imprisonment ...

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...fantry units outside. They were preparing to come in and use brute force if necessary. Frank picked up the gun and pointed it purposefully. His finger began to push, BANG! He was dead and the task over! Blood began to gush out the wound that ripped through the torso of the mighty “Big D”. Frank Jason LeBron collapsed to his knees in a heap. Surprisingly he didn’t feel happy or relieved on the contrary, he felt disgusted with himself.

Meanwhile outside the infantry burst in after hearing gunfire and they began pouring out cartridges of bullets on the man on his knees in the room. The bullets began to pierce his body as each one began to shred pieces of his flesh like paper going through a paper shredder. The warehouse became a blood bath and a gruesome end for everyone and a huge indent on the blood-filled pages of history.

It was over!

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