Turning Around My Worst Experience

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Every person experience’s both the good and the bad in their life. Most people whom have experienced the bad take it just as that, and don’t see what the benefit could have been. In my life I experienced what some may say is the worst thing that could happen to a child. Do I agree? Of course, but only to an extent, I believe the worst experience in my life was also the best. Losing the only man in her life, her hero, her father and only at the young age of fifteen. There were so many different emotions that I was feeling, I didn’t think that I was alone. I had an older sister named Tina at the age of eighteen that I thought would be my support. Yet I have been wrong, she dealt with it worst then I did and fell deeper down that I was. Now with no stable home, feeling depressed, and no one to lean on what was I going to do? How was I supposed to move forward? All these questions left unanswered, until the day that I met the one person that I never knew could change it all. A man that could turn your whole storm into a diamond of sun rays. When what I thought what was the worst thing to ever happen to me in my life became the best that I could ever imagine. I was only fifteen being a newly found teenager like every girl was at that age; I have finally dealt with the fact that my mother passed away, all with help from my father of course. It was a normal night with my saying Goodnight to daddy, and my sister out like usual. However, this Goodnight wasn’t the same no movement nor no response in return. I grabbed the phone and called 911 and finally the ambulance arrived, just in time I thought feeling relieved. I had already called my sister she finally arrived crying to the EMT “Take him to Cooper Hospital.” She packed me into the... ... middle of paper ... ... I never planned on turning what I felt like the worst thing that could ever happen to me, into something that would be the best experience in my life. I went through a feeling of pain and hurt, a torment of feelings into a bloom of happiness, a new found reason to smile and live again. All I needed was one person to help cope with the pain but instead of one I gained two. I never questioned a thing that has happened to me or needed an explanation. Maybe my father was still being my hero in heaven and sent me someone to heal my pain, and as far as I see it every situation you’re put into can always have a good. It’s up to you to always find what can be the best instead of always letting it just the worst. I was depressed, alone and heartbroken. From that I’ve become happy, a family and full of love. I appreciate and accept my worst as it became the best in my life.

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