Turn the Wolves

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For the first time in a long time, the air in her lungs was colder than the emptiness she felt in the depths of her heart. It was the end of fall and the winter’s beginning, both in the air and in her mind. Her feet no longer sank into the ground’s surface the way they should and the win seemed to push against her. It was a sign, a sign that she should have never returned home. She took another step forward, her feet stumbling against her own body weight. Even the ground seemed to not want her here. On the porch stood the woman she was supposed to call her mother, but she didn’t see it in that perspective. “Isobel, come on”, she called. Despite her hesitation, she picked up her feet and made her way towards the house, dragging her suitcase along behind her. A raindrop trickled down her cheek and she looked on passed the old farmhouse and towards the lifeless sky. It always rained here, even on the warmest of days. She slid pasted her mother and the screen door. Fierce heat overwhelmed her, pressing her sweater closer to her skin, snuggling deep into her chest. The fireplace was burning in the living room, where her father sat, asleep on the sofa. Isobel kicked her shoes off and pulled her suitcase back up the stairs like she had done many times before. Her bedroom was exactly how she left it. Her mismatched sheets jeered to one side of her bed, the curtains over the thin window still peered open, and even the water bottle she used to take the pills with still sat on her rug. She grabbed it and chucked it into the wastebasket. She hated everything about the room. She hated how the last of the wallpaper was shredding near the ceiling. She hated how it was cluttered with antiques that did... ... middle of paper ... ...you were leaving early?” Mabel asked as she set her tray down next to her. Isobel closed her book, “I decided that I might as well stay. The last place I want to be right now is home anyways” “Well there is a new kid in our next period, so be excited. He is supposedly really cute” “Mrs. Daughtry changed my schedule”, Isobel sighed. “What the hell?” Mabel cried, “I’m going to be alone for the rest of the day” “This sucks”, Isobel said. “At least we will see each other at track”, Mabel said, the paused, “You’re still on the track team right?” “Probably not, I’ve miss too many practices”, Isobel said. “The boredom in this new profound world will be the death of me”, Mabel cried. Isobel snickered, “I’m supposed to be the dramatic one” “You’re not dramatic”, Mabel shook her head “You are just real” “That’s the best compliment I ever received”, Isobel nodded.
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