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689 words

Turban vs Helmet Article Opinion

When two major laws, safety and freedom of religion go head to head on which is more important. When a religious Sikh man got a $110 fine for not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle. Now the community is facing a moral dilemma of what right should come first when looking at this situation. In this opinion piece I will discuss what I thought of the situation and why I believe he should’ve wore a helmet in this scenario. I feel safety is a main concern when riding a motorcycle that helmet’s protect you from head injuries and there are many other ways of transportation if one prevents you from a certain religion standard.

In my opinion, while reading this article I found it was hard to make up my mind on what

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that safety and freedom of religion go head-to-head on which is more important. a religious sikh man was fined $110 for not wearing a helmet.
  • Opines that the law in canada should respect your religion and every aspect of it. the ontario safety league says a head injury can cost $300,000 to millions.
  • Agrees with the policemen that badesha should wear a helmet if he is going to ride the motorcycle. a helmet is specially made to protect your head from any serious head injuries.
  • Concludes that baljinder badesha should not be given a $110 fine, but he should wear helmets for his safety protection. the right of safety and health should come first than the freedom of religion.
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