Tulsa Race Riotss: One Of The Oklahoma Race Riots In History

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Tulsa Race Riots A part of history people don’t know about is the time of the Tulsa race riots, which was one of the bloodiest riots in the country’s history. An estimated 3,000 people died during the incident (Burger 14). But for many years Tulsa’s power structure both blacks and whites, chose to ignore the infamous event that left thousands dead or injured, other fought to lift the shroud on the truth of the 1921 riot (Burger 14).At the time Tulsa was a deeply troubled town, the city had been plagued by vigilantism and crime rates were very high, including the lynching by a white mob in 1920 (Ellsworth). By 1921 Tulsa had a population of more than 100,000, a majority of the African American residents lived in greenwood, a rural neighborhood…show more content…
Post World War I Oklahoma had a racially and politically tense atmosphere around the 20th century, lynchings were a part of a continuing effort by whites to assert and maintain white supremacy (“Tulsa Race”). The race riot was one of the worst urban racial conflicts in history, In 1921 an estimated 50 dead, hundreds injured, and more 1,000 owned homes and businesses destroyed by whites against blacks (Christensen). The commercial section of greenwood which included 191 businesses, a Jr high school, and churches and the only hospital were destroyed (“Tulsa Race”). The Tulsa Tribune reported that Dick Rowland had attempted to rape Sarah Page according to the eye witnesses, there had been talk of lynching the following evening (Ellsworth). The Tulsa Tribune which was one of two white papers in Tulsa describing the alleged incident with the headline “Nab negro for attacking girl in an elevator”, the tribune also included an…show more content…
Many whites looted, burned and attacked the residents, many photos decry the fact that all the structures were burned to the due to the black rioting (Allman-Baldwin 30). An unarmed African American man was found murdered at a downtown movie theater, whites began to make drive-by shootings, They also began to organize for a dawn invasion in the all night café (Ellsworth). Violence continued through the night going into dawn, groups of whites were firing shots at WWI veterans assigned to protect Rowland, more than 1,000 homes and businesses were burned as a result of the riot (Gilbert). The National Guard had been called in around 11:29am, they declared marshall law which brought an end to most of the violence. They started to roundup blacks for internment. A Majority of white rioters returned to their homes while much of the black population was imprisoned (“Tulsa Race”). Refugees who left Oklahoma and arrived in New York City possessed nothing but the clothes on their backs they went to the universal negro improvement association, where they were told they couldn’t be taken care of (Burger). On June 1, the New York evening post called
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