Tuckman's Team Development Theory Essay

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Lencioni’s theory fits best within the first two stages of Tuckman’s team development theory, the forming and storming phases where trust is established, goals are created, and processes are outlined. The other phases of Tuckman’s theory occur as many of these dysfunctions are worked out and not overshadowing the team dynamic any longer. In each stage of team development shows detectable moods and behaviors. The four stages are a supportive outline for identifying a team 's behavioral patterns. Looking at each stage can help us understand the development and what is possibly needed to make the team work.
The Team Development Plan The first step will be forming the team. We should consider whether we are going to form for specific projects across different divisions, or if we want to put teams together based on expertise. Team selection can be tough during a post-merger. There would often be more employees than
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This is where the team comes together and get to know each other and feel each team member out and work on finding each member’s strengths and weaknesses. During forming, the team will begin working on establishing trust and getting over their fear of conflict. Lencioni recommends that the team members spend some time talking about their personal lives to help establish trust. He also suggests taking the Myer-Briggs personality profiles to help facilitate learning each member’s strengths and weaknesses (2002). According to Prytherch, et.al. (2012), when individuals are brought together into a team, it can take a long time for that group to bond cohesively and reach the stage where it is working well. Trust and confidence between team members also takes time. To hasten the process, the new team should first undergo a team-building activity. The goal of team building activities is to promote greater interaction and cohesiveness among employees (Schnall

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