Tuberculosis in Peru

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Tuberculosis is considered to be a contagious disease that can be spread from person to person through air. People having tuberculosis bacilli cannot become sick unless their immune system fails to cope with pathogen and, as a consequence, they can develop tuberculosis more easily (WHO, 2007). According to World Health Organization statistics, approximately two billion people are infected with tuberculosis causative bacterium around the world (2007). Early diagnosis and corresponding treatment can cure majority of population and make them noninfectious. There are about 80% tuberculosis cases in 22 countries. The shortened funding and poor health care system in these countries are the main cause of tuberculosis cases (WHO, 2007). Peru is one of the populated countries that has 27.9 million of citizens (Census, 2007). Peru is lacking basic health education among the rural population. Moreover, majority of people having problems with health due to the financial and physical access to the health care institutions. Despite these facts, nutrition and sanitation are the main cause of diseases and health problems (Foundation for Sustainable Development, 2008). Peru accounted approximately 15% of tuberculosis cases in 1991with 190 cases per 100000 adults. In addition, the rate of refusal of drug therapy estimated to be 12.1% (Llanos-Zavalaga et al., 2004). Only half of the people who were receiving the treatment against tuberculosis were cured. The lack of drug supply, nonexistence of record system, and overworked medical personal prompted the government to invest additional resources to the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTCP) and to declare that tuberculosis is the main and significant health issue in the country. By conducting ... ... middle of paper ... ... (Accessed December 7, 2013). Cheng, H., Kotler, P., & Lee, N.R. (2009). Social marketing for public health. Jones and Bartlett, 107-125. Retrieved from (Accessed December 7, 2013). Foundation for Sustainable Development. (2008). Health issues in Peru. Retrieved from (Accessed December 7, 2013). Llanos-Zavalaga, F., Poppe, P., Tawfik, Y., & Church-Balin, C. (2004). The role of communication in Peru's fight against tuberculosis. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Communication Programs. World Health Organization (WHO). (2007). Tuberculosis fact sheet. Retrieved from (Accessed December 7, 2013).
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