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Although each classification of natural disaster is capable of creating catastrophic destruction, I feel that the destruction resulting from the accumulated factors that are responsible for Tsunamis have a potential destructive force far greater than other singular forces of nature on their own; Furthermore, due to the densely populated urbanized regions in high-risk zones the potential impact on humans form Tsunamis is elevated in comparison with other phenomena's which may occur with little impact on human society. Therefore a natural event that may be of similar magnitude may occur without impacting our society and will in-turn only be viewed as a geological event, whereas a Tsunami, based on probability will almost always escalate into a natural disaster as the approaching wave will inevitably make landfall.

Around the world large cites are located along ocean shores such as London, New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Mumbai just to name a few. With 44% of the worlds population living in Costal regions according to the UN Atlas. Unlike other geographical events which may be equally destructive the potential for a Tsunami to affect heavily urbanized areas around the world presents the possibility of a Tsunami to result in a catastrophic loss of life. As a Tsunami has profound potential to cause adverse effects upon human populations is the basis for my consider that a Tsunami is the most dangerous form of natural disaster.

Although not all costal regions are subject to the same severity or likelihood of Tsunamis due to the different sets of geological conditions around the world, however threats still exists. The most destructive Tsunamis are formed by earthquakes occurring along a submissive fault line which results i...

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...have been so profound if the Tsunami struck in a less populated or developing region; However the destructive force of the Tsunami was exponentially increased by the long term devastation resulting from the collapse of the advanced technologies of the region, in particular the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor. Much like Japan developed regions such as Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco could also suffer from a devastating Tsunami and much like Japan and the very technologies created to improve our life could be the greatest cause of long term destruction.

Unlike other disasters the risk of Tsunamis to populated areas, and the combined destructive force of the initial earthquake coupled with the unprecedented force of an even more destructive tidal surge in conjunction with the impending impact on and with our civilization can result in unprecedented natural disasters.
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