Tsunami Disaster

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When the tsunami disaster occurred, the whole world felt the devastation. People from all over the world offered their support and sent money to help victims. Their helping hands were appreciated by thousands and blessed the hearts of families. Instead of saying that different parts of the world should deal with their own problems, everyone made other countries problems their own. The tsunami caused astronomical numbers of damage towards the United States. This massive impact of the tsunami was attributed by devastating earthquakes, debris flowing through landslides, and lava erupting volcanoes.
Earthquakes generate most tsunami. The past decade has witnessed mounting evidence of tsunami parented by submarine landslides. In fact, submarine landslides have become prime suspects in the creation of “surprise tsunami” from small or distant earthquakes a tsunami sprung from a spontaneous submarine landslide. The geography of earthquakes only casually resembles the geography of submarine landslides.
Landslides tsunami hazards to areas like the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, or the eastern seaboard of the US. A 5-meter sea wave striking there would over-run far more territory than a similar wave hitting a rugged shore, such as California's north coast (Barrow 9).
Landslides offer no physical or statistical warning for safety procedures. Earthquake monitoring systems wouldn’t pick it up, experts say. So the first time the public knows about the tsunami might be when it slams into the shore. The main cause of future landslide would be unusually heavy rainfall, and recommends extra tree planting around the new quarry site (Loftis 20).
“Volcano eruptions come in huge variety of shapes and sizes and have cataclysmic explosions that can destroy a town or even a small country.” (McGuire 9). Some super eruptions are distanced from standard eruptions by the amount of ash and debris the eject.
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