Truth And Grotesque Analysis

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In the book Winesburg,Ohio by Sherwood Anderson, the concepts of truth and grotesque are defined in many different ways.Show how these ideas effects a person life. These ideas are used in another book, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka because both share the same ideas.Through the same lens of Winesburg Ohio the truth and grotesque of Gregor Samsa can be seen. In the chapter “The Book of Grotesque”. The narrator explains about truth in people . In paragraph 14 it mentions that the truths is when people took one of the truths to himself called it truth and tried to live his life by it then became a grotesque.What this means Gregor truth is the lack of humanity how he lives. Being a cockroach being disliked from his family. Hiding…show more content…
The truth of Gregor Samsa is defined by his family the lack of humanity. Gregor 's situation in his family: he had a tyrannical father who hated or, at best, ignored his son 's writing; a well-meaning mother, who was not strong enough to cope with her husband 's brutality; and a sister, Ottla, whom Kafka felt very close to. It like he is very close with his family but it feels like he more of a stranger to them.Gregor 's metamorphosis as an attempt at escaping his deep conflict between his true self…show more content…
He kept Gregor as a prisoner to his room and punished him for coming out. In one part of the book Gregor 's threw an apple into his back and it becomes embedded in Gregor 's back.
The dehumanization of Gregor Samsa although unrealistic is a lesson to be learned. It is absolutely devastating to lose the ability to be independent . Gregor 's family was ignorant to his feelings, his sister did not even realize that Gregor was trying to hold on to a piece of his human feelings. Gregor Samsa was a tragic case and example of a man that lost everything. He lost his job, family, and most important he lost his
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