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There's Truth between the Quiet A word, a voice, a collaboration of opinions, this is what brings an idea to a point. Between various horrors of war, or frightening moments when soldiers return home to find the boy they once were missing, the author of All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque, uses dialogue to sum up all the events of a section of his novel, in order to get the message across to his readers. Remarque uses dialogue to show how the consequences of war are forgotten in the name of victory. When Paul returns to his town for leave, he sees just how warped everyone else's view is on the current situation of the war. A teacher from his old school talks to him about the war that is filled with death and violence as if it were a better situation then what is here. He lightly says, "'Naturally it's worse here, Naturally," without knowing the weight that that statement carries (166.). The conversation continues, still completely airy, as if an immanent win could be done if the soldiers could just "Smash through the johnnies...” (167.) With war in any country, the ...

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