Trust Revitalizes Marriage

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Almost all couples expect harmonious marriages. Love, trust, respect, and cooperation are essential factors in a marriage. However, when a marriage is bereft of these components, consequences await both spouses. Trust is one of the most salient aspects of matrimony. In the stories “Button, Button” and “The Yellow Wallpaper,” trust between two different couples is challenged and both the wives face emotional aftermath as a result of distrust towards their husbands. Both partners have to trust each other with no exception, even though one’s decision might not be plausible. Not trusting a partner would result in emotional repercussions. In “Button, Button”, Norma and Arthur are presented with two choices. One is to press the button and essentially killing a stranger. The other option is to ignore it and abandon $50,000. Pressing the button became such a debatable issue between them. Norma’s main focus was directed to the compensation that is able to sate her desires. She said to Arthur, “I’d like for us to go to Europe. Like for us to have a cottage on the island. Like for us to have ...

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