True Science: The Earth Is The Center Of The World

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True Science Robert Sungenis, executive producer of The Principle, says, “If you believe everything revolves around Earth… it gives another picture – of purpose, a meaning of life” as quoted in the Omaha World Herald. Throughout history, numerous cultures and religions believed the earth was the center of the universe, Geocentrism. Being at the center of the universe made them feel special; however, the advocates of the mainstream worldview, Atheism, do not wish to feel special. This bias leads them to believe in an infinite universe and a Heliocentric solar system, heliocentrism, they have rejected geocentrism making it today’s mainstream view. Contrary to popular belief, the earth is the center of the universe. A simple way to determine…show more content…
A journal from Science in Context explains the cosmological principle as a theory that states the universe looks the same in every direction because the universe is infinite and without a center. The earth appears to be at the center because the universe expands, but any part of the universe would also appear that way. Other cosmological theories arose such as Einstein’s perfect cosmological principle, but they did not align with the Big Bang Theory because they did not include an expanding universe. By process of elimination, the ordinary cosmological principle is the best way to account for isotropy (Cosmological principle). Joseph Silk, former Chair of Astronomy at the University of Oxford, details the cosmological principle in his book Infinite Cosmos. “One motivation behind the cosmological principle is the need to dethrone us as being privileged observers from the vantage point of earth.” The cosmological principle requires homogeneity, which means the universe should appear relatively the same for any observer anywhere in the universe (Silk 8). In the end, the cosmological principle is used to explain isotropy and requires

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