True Love or Soul Mates

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When faced with the choice of true love or a soul mate, not many people would know what to choose until the last possible moment. They dream of a romantic beginning and a happily ever after ending. These are often found written in the dark and twisted romance novels. One of the many favorites is written by Gaston Leroux, and is one of his best works, The Phantom of the Opera (Le Fantôme de l'Opéra), which is a notable example of the Gothic genre, which was popular in the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century. By studying his early life,

Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux was born on 6 May 1868, in Paris, France. He was the son of Marie Alphonsine and Julien Leroux. Leroux’s grandfather owned a ship-building company in the small coastal village of St. Valery-en-Caux in Normandy, France, around the area which young Leroux grew up (Merriman). This influenced Leroux’s great love for sailing and fishing.

Leroux attended an Arts school in Caen, studying the works of Victor Hugo and Alexandre Pere and writing short stories and poetry. He later abandoned his dreams to become a writer to please his father and travelled to Paris where he obtained a law degree in 1889, but lost interest in the profession after his father passed away. He then sunk into the world of alcoholism, and after gambling almost all of his inheritance, got a job as a journalist in the L'Echo de Paris and Le Matin, where he found inspiration for the falling chandelier, by one of articles written by him which described the 1896 events surrounding the death of a patron at the Paris Opera House when one of the chandelier's counterweights fell (Merriman). Sometime between 1896 and 1901 Leroux married Marie Lefranc, but later on, while in Swi...

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... novel that they can understand.

In conclusion, the choice between true love and our soul mate, may not come until a long time into the future or hopefully not come at all, but if it does the decision still remains would you choose True love or your soul mate. Gaston Leroux was one of the lucky ones; he found his true love in his soul mate, Jeanne Cayatte.

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