True Love

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Throughout history the concept of true love has been trampled by society’s obsession with the material. Modern society has become addicted to distraction - to media, drugs, fashion etc, and the external is nearly all that matters. Similarly in the Victorian era, marriages were very shallow; made for status and money as opposed to love. In the books Jane Eyre and Emma, Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen create strong female characters that defy these values, and dare to truly fall in love. These characters make their respective stories appealing to the modern female reader because they prove that even in a society so warped one can still find true love. However, Jane Eyre holds more appeal to the modern female reader because of the thrill it has through gothic romantic elements while Emma is primarily a satire, and therefore lacks the same appealing sense of adventure which Jane Eyre offers.
Jane Eyre is of the gothic romantic genre and therefore encompasses hints of the supernatural that give the book a fascinatingly dark appeal. Jane is portrayed as something near magical, something o...

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