True Love

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Throughout many of our lives we are presented with feelings of lust and desire. During these fits of longing we are presented with many different ways to react to these conflicts, some of which aren’t the most rational way to go about coming to a conclusion. However, in most cases we will be given a new, more positive outlook on life because as humans we enjoy the unexpected surprise that is brought fourth from these internal conflicts. It is from these types of situations that we are given new meaning and purpose from these apprehensive feelings arisen from passion and love.

Most of us, given the circumstance, exquisitely enjoy the feeling of immense emotional attachment to a loved/cherished one. On the other side most of us also feel horrible when we have been hurt by a loved/cherished one. However it is from these emotional attachments that help us to put ourselves forward and take a chance with our lives, most of us wouldn’t do so with out something to push us. In the story “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” by D.H. Lawrence we are presented with a character named Mabel who has lived with men her whole life with very little female influence (her mother died when she was fourteen). She has now come to a place in her life where she must choose what she would like to do with her future as it is quickly approaching and her family’s horse dealership has gone out of business. At this point Mable feels as if she has nothing to contribute to society so as dusk approaches one afternoon, she makes her way down to a pond and swiftly but calmly submerges herself into the dark, murky water. At this time we can see that Mabel’s subconscious is represented in the pond as she is quite uncertain (darkness of the water) and her judgment of...

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...e is something there and it brings vivid images to our minds of times where we have experienced similar irrational emotions. It is in these times that we are given a sudden realization of who we could be if we have a purpose and that it could give us satisfaction.

Although most of us perceive purpose and meaning in our lives we usually cannot really identify what these nouns truly mean until we are thrown into the loop of love. These emotions allow us to be freer and at peace with ourselves as they allow us to take chances if we are willing to impress as well as give our lives meaning if we are open to change and through this contributing to a more positive outlook on life. Once we have surrounded ourselves with true passion and love it begins to bring forth original meaning as well as purpose to our lives which is something that some of us have forgotten.

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