True Love

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I looked around me, nothing but laughter, nothing but happiness. My

eyes scanned over the table, at the people that meant the most to me.

My birthday had been the best yet, 'nothing better than being around

your friends on your special days' I seem to recall my mother saying.

I had received many presents, been hugged by many people, enjoyed the

attention, yet there was something; something missing,. As I closed my

eyes I tried to grasp what this feeling was. That day was not the only

day I had been feeling this, but since everyday I could remember;

however, this particular day it was more prevalent than ever before. I

was interrupted by my best friend, "Thank you so much for bringing us

to this restaurant, I love the food."

"It's okay" I replied.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a distinct character approaching me.

I was shocked, as this particular person was "unable to attend". I

smiled, and looked at Alexis, he sat down next to me and said, "This

day is too important to miss, happy birthday" and hugged me. I was

speechless, I tried to say thank you but I was so overwhelmed with

emotion that nothing came out, several seconds later I was still

hugging him, almost unable to let go. He radiated so much warmth, and

momentarily, I disregarded the feeling that had been on my mind all

evening. As I let go of him, he smiled and without knowing I was

smiling back at him. I turned to my friends, they had all stopped

talking and just stared at us, I felt embarrassed yet completely

secure with showing my emotions. The attention then turned to Tina,

who dropped a knife, knocking other items on the table with it, we

laughed at this but I...

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...eeted by the same question

by Tina, I whispered back, "not much". I looked at him, knowing that

this night would forever be in my mind, the day I realised that Alexis

was amazing and that we were more than friends, yet I also realised

that he knew what I felt, I felt embarrassed yet I knew that I had

fallen for the right person, and to this day I still believe that my

life changed that day.

As I sit here, recalling the happiest day of my life, the day that I

felt true love, the day that my life felt fulfilled, the day my

previous feelings fell on its head, the day I fell in love with

Alexis. Today, years later, on my twenty sixth birthday, all

my wishes have come true, all with Alexis. Marrying him was just a way

of expressing my love him, and to this day he is still as amazing as

he was on my sixteenth birthday.

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