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Children go through multiple conflicts and struggles while trying to find their own self-identity. We begin rebelling against our parents to feel a sense of independence and to find out who we are in this world. As we come of age, we begin to struggle to find our own individual identities, while society puts pressure on us to be a certain way as well. The graphic novel The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi clearly illustrates the struggles that a young girl must go through when growing up. Growing up during a difficult time in Iran causes Marji to mature at a young age, but she still struggles with finding her individual identity in a society that strongly forces ideas upon her that she may not agree with.
The novel is based around Marji as she comes of age during the Iranian Revolution. The novel is broken up into two sections. The first section consists of her childhood in Iran and the second part is her high school life in Vienna. The novel begins a year after the Iranian Revolution. There are changes that the revolution has brought. Marji now has to wear a veil and boys and girls are now in separate classrooms in school. She has a hard time adjusting with the veil because she wants to express herself, and sometimes does not wear it, which gets her into trouble. She tries to balance her individual identity and what society is telling her to do, and has a difficult time doing so. She displays a strong belief in God and talks to him at night. She even tells her parents that she wants to be a prophet, but as she begins to learn about the background of the Revolution, her faith disintegrates. Her drastic change in values shows that her thinking has matured and she now understands more. As Marji matures she begins to become...

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...r parents they tell her that they are proud of her and suggest that she moves back to Europe for a better life.
Becoming mature individuals in a society that sets certain standards for people is difficult for everyone. In order to truly come of age and achieve an individual identity, we need to learn from our own mistakes. Marji Satrapi struggles with the theme of coming of age throughout the entirety of the novel. She is forced to deal with hardships in her life such as death and war at an early age and as a teenager lives independently in a different country. When she is in Vienna, she tries to assimilate and leave her Iranian culture behind. Her attempt at assimilating ultimately this fails and she decides to move back to Iran. Her experiences in Vienna allowed her to learn and create an individual identity for herself, something that she wanted all along.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how marjane satrapi's graphic novel the complete persepolis illustrates the struggles that a young girl must go through when growing up.
  • Explains that the novel is based around marji as she comes of age during the iranian revolution.
  • Analyzes how marji rebels against the laws enforced by the guardians of the revolution. she is forced to mature at an early age, but still wants to rebel and have a sense of freedom.
  • Analyzes how marji is thrown into a completely different society with people who have values much different than the ones she is used to. she is kicked out of the boarding house because she insults her for being iranian.
  • Analyzes how marji abandons her country and her parent's values in order to fit in with the people around her.
  • Analyzes how marji satrapi struggles with the theme of coming of age throughout the novel.
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