True Grit Film Adaptation Analysis

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Charles Portis’s famous novel True grit published in 1968 was the basis of both the 1969 and the 2010 movie. The 2010 movie by the Coen Brothers covers a lot of stuff from the book, but I think they made the character Mattie a lot different then the book. In the book Mattie was a 14 teen year old girl who wasn't afraid of anything, and was not afraid to take revenge on her fathers killer Tom Chaney. Some of events in the movie made her look tough but the actor was too nice and cute to play Mattie. They also made her way more emotional than in the book. Even though they covered most of the events of the book I still don't like the way they made the movie.
Mattie is a main character in the book so I thought that she would stay the same for the book and the movie. I had pictured Mattie as a stubborn hard headed 14 teen year old with true grit. But when I watched the movie I think it changed Mattie it made her character soft and not the same as in the book. She also was told she was ugly a couple time during the book so I had a clear picture in my head what Mattie was like. I liked the Mattie from the book better then the Mattie from the movie, but in the move I think it makes her look soft. Hailee Steinfeld is the person that played Mattie in the movie and if you look at a picture of her in my opinion she was to pretty to play Mattie.
In the book there is no romantic connection between Mattie and La Boeuf. However in the movie when La Boeuf leaves them the second time Mattie and La Boeuf are talking and Mattie does not want him to go. You can see the connection between them and the anger between them disappears. In the book Mattie is always made at La Boeuf and they fight a lot and she thinks he is a dumb Texan and does not trust...

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... the one from the book better. In the movie she just falls into a pit and gets her leg stuck in roots in the pit. In the book it was more intense and she was stuck in a hole and was falling through and her arm was broke and she needed something to stop her from falling the hole. This scene added more to how brave Mattie was and how determined she was to prove to them she could do it.
In the end I liked the book way more then the movie. I like how there was more to describing the character. I liked all of the events in the book and how they showed Mattie’s determination to catch her dads killer. I did not like the movie because of how they changed some of the main events and how they changed some of the characters in the book. If the movie was just a movie then it would have been a good movie but it was created from a book so I think in should be just like the book.
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