True Grit Essay Ideas

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We can think of life in two ways, believing a greater nature has set and written our paths or believing we have the grit to write our very own; ultimately, we decide this. “Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” - Angela Lee Duckworth. One of life's many challenges is pursuing the greater-impossible goals we dream of, grit is what we use to achieve that. A memorable moment in film history is when a pony named Little Blackie swims across the river to bring their rider to the travelers on the opposite side, this scene took place in the movie True Grit. Little Blackie showed us all the grit of their nature in that movie. Not only there's the fact that Little Blackie is a pony but additionally, they had to learn how to swim on that very moment. We can all use grit like Little Blackie did and run that marathon pursuing our forever growing selves.

As people we all alternate between a variety of mindsets in a day to day basis. Having that awareness over our mindsets is something we all should make an elementary necessity in our lives. Accomplishing that we can then differentiate between the core states of mind, knowing what about fixed and growing mindsets allow this. Another topic to consider is to understand our brain. Brainology lets us pursue this
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Like all habits, we either have learned or consciously let develop our very person today. Habits of the Mind is a studied list of characteristics that successful people utilize. We not only need to know about these habits but understand the depth of their means to use them. Sometimes we’ll tend to speculate over a challenging event through a variety of ways, right or wrong this writes our success rate. The Habits of the Mind deciphers the core habits of many challenging scenarios we encounter day to day. As we study these habits we can conclude the deeper understanding of these habits and then utilize them in our scholarly and life
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