Trudeaumania for a Just Society

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Humans are natural philosophers; it is in human nature to pose questions about the unknown. If humans were indifferent to issues, questions, the sort, then religion would not exist; for, what does religion do other than attempt to give people explanations for phenomena that science cannot explain. There are few people, however, that fall into the category of ‘good philosophers’ because to be a good philosopher, one must be able to accept the truth, no matter what emotions it crosses. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, once known as the Canadian ‘Philosopher King’, was a philosopher that was able to do just that. He is used as an example of a person who revolutionized Canada, and is studied for his philosophical ways of thought. The many changes he made to this country have given it the identity Canada has today; it was his theory of a just society that keeps his name alive. In order to understand Pierre Trudeau’s theory of a just society, however, one must first examine who Trudeau was, what his philosophy was, and what the positive and negative impacts of his ideas were on Canada. Even though he is remembered as Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau’s legacy did not start there. While his sixteen years as Prime Minister is said to be his greatest achievement, his reputation as a hard worker started after he graduated from the University of Montreal, when he landed a position as a desk officer for the Privy Council; he practiced law, specializing in labour and civil liberty cases –issues he later brought into focus of Canadians– from 1951 to 1961. During these years, Trudeau spent his time opposing the ‘Union Nationale’ government of Maurice Duplessis; he demanded both social and political change. “Trudeau sought to rouse opposition ... ... middle of paper ... ...tion with logic, think critically about all arguments, and accept the truth; even though some of his views may be weak, his approach to solving issues was innovative. Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau will be someone Canada will never be able to forget; his views shaped Canada into the country it is today, where French and English Canada are more united than ever, where multiculturalism is celebrated. With his help, Canada became an independent, just country where equality is the top priority. Even his preference of young women, or choice of friends –most interestingly Fidel Castro– were not enough to disgrace Canada; whether or not that is a good indicatory of the morality of Canada is up to another philosopher to decide. Time, after all, is the only thing that reveals the truth. That is why one can only learn from the past and have hope for the future.

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