Troys demons

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In August Wilson’s play Fences a man faces trials and tribulations of being black man in the late 1950’s. This is a time in which there were major transformations taking place in our American culture. The post war era and the abolishment of Jim Crow law’s provided opportunites for families to leave the farms of the south. These opportunities allowed families of color to seek a better standard of living in urban cities. This transformation from segregation and poverty to a time of the civil rights movement and possible upward mobility presented challenges to the plays main character Troy Maxson. Troy Maxson is a man who struggles to find a positive way to live in a world in which he is unprepared to effectively function. It is his own troubled past that chains him to the limitations of what a man can accomplish in the new world. Troy’s bitterness of the journey of his own life which include incarceration, segregation, and a father who Troy describes as “evil as he could be” (937). Troy’s inability to change with the times will ultimately limit him as a father, worker, and husband. His own delusions of grandeur ultimately alienate him more than any form of oppression. Troy Maxson is a character that clearly represents a theme of the play Fences. A theme that showcases of a man’s struggle to overcome his own demons to prosper in changing time.
In the play Fences Troy Maxon struggles and ultimately fails to separate himself from the model of parenting that he himself had to endure. Troy simply doesn’t know how to be the man that he wishes he could. Troy in many ways becomes his father. As a result he seems to be the same kind of father that he hated so much. Troy goes to say, “I wish I hadn’t know my daddy. He ain’t cared nothing a...

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...wn past. And because of it he force his family away.
In conclusion, I feel as if the readers of play are supposed to see the struggles that Troy faces within himself. A man who loves his family and is willing to at least provide for them. He is mainly only providing a residence for them to live however. Like his own father he cant show the emotional support that being a good father and husband requires. The narrative writing paints the picture of a man whose own demons are too much for him to overcome. An actor playing the part of Troy would have to have loud thundering voice to portray his delusions of grandeur. His personality would have to be strong and bully like. An actor would have to display a strong sense of entitlement to properly portray Troy Maxon. Troy Maxon ultimately loved his family. That part should be shown in any representation of his character.
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