Troubled Pasts In Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchman

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In Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchman, we are introduced to a character that has had a troubled past that has led to a troubled present. Rorschach as a child walked into see his mother with one of her John’s which caused trauma to him as a child. Over his life he never really discussed what he had encounter which led to the violent out breaks that he has now. If Rorschach would have had someone to talk about things that happened to him he could have saved himself for the life that he is living now. According to The National Child Traumatic Stress Network “children between the age of 0-6 commonly suffer from cognitive, behavioral, and physiological conditions.” Some of the conditions that they talked about that relate to Rorschach are poor verbal skills, excessive temper, aggressive behavior, fear people that remind them of a traumatic event, and act withdrawn. We see Rorschach’s poor verbal skills when he writes his journal entries throughout the book. Then we are exposed to the excessive temper and aggressive behavior whenever Rorschach is out and trying to get information out of...
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