Trouble in Nigeria's North

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Trouble in Nigeria’s North
“‘I saw the soldiers asking the people to lie on the ground. There was a small argument between the soldiers and the civilian JTF. The soldiers made some small calls and a few minutes later they started shooting the people on the ground. I counted 198 people killed at that checkpoint’ “(Amnesty: “Nigeria War Crimes”). 198 people lost loved ones that day, loved ones that should still be alive today. Imagine waking up every morning, not knowing if that will be your last time saying “good morning” to your family. This is the reality for many of the citizens of northern Nigeria. For years terror groups have tried to spread Islam in regions of Nigeria, resorting to extreme violence to try and get their points across. The Nigerian government is sitting back and allowing military and a civilian Joint Task Force to commit atrocities like this one, all in the name of stopping the Boko Haram terrorist group.
In Northeastern Nigeria, attacks by a radical Islamic terrorist group known as the Boko Haram are spreading like wildfire. Attacks happen almost daily, and the military is reacting by killing even more civilians to ensure the spread is stopped. According to Amnesty International, about 1500 innocent civilians have been killed in Boko Haram attacks since the beginning of 2014. The conflict in Nigeria will not be stopped unless the United Nations and other international human rights groups step in and use their power to put an end to the Boko Haram and Nigerian JTF.
Boko Haram was formed by a Muslim cleric named Mohammad Yussef in 2002, in Maiduguri, Nigeria. The group was initially peaceful, but a short lived uprising in 2009 by the group in an effort to establish an Islamic state in the north was crushed by ...

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