Tropic Thunder Satire

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In the opening scene of “Tropic Thunder”, we see elements of a satire with the fake trailers of upcoming movies. In our lives, we are familiar (and probably not too happy about) with the previews before the movie we are about to see. We see the top stars in Hollywood in some of the newest films, some good, and some bad. In our heads, we think either Hollywood has run out of ideas or, that we definitely have to see that one when it comes out. The fake trailers displayed in the movie poke fun of some movies we have seen in recent years come out and the times we wish were not sitting in a movie theatre watching their trailers. One example is when Stuart Cornfield introduces the movie called, “Scorcher 6,” which seems to be one of the many, overdone …show more content…

Kirk is an actor who goes above and beyond for his part; he lives, breathes, and sleeps in his part. For this movie, he actually goes through a surgical procedure to dye his skin black so he can play the part of a black soldier. He also gets his hair done and changes his whole personality. There is a part in the movie where he and Speedman argue because Kirk is trying to explain to Speedman that he is in actual danger and they are not filming. Speedman asks Kirk why he does not drop his character and Kirk responds by saying he does not leave character until after he does DVD commentary (Cornfield). This is one of the funnier aspect of the movie because Kirk is actually a white guy from Australia. Once he drops character and you see that he is a blonde haired Australian, with a thick accent, some viewers may drop down in laughter. The reason the word some is used is that there has been some major controversy with the fact he died his skin black and pretended to be black. People see this as unethical and immoral as it can be seen to be a racist depiction of a black man. Kirk used a real deep voice and uses vocabulary that can be seen as stereotypical. A second instance of controversy arises when the movie called “Simple Jack” is introduced. This a movie, starred by Speedman, about a mentally challenged farm boy (Cornfield). People saw this as offensive because of the excessive use of the word “retard” and the manner in which he played Simple Jack. There is even a part in the movie where Kirk explains why the movie, “Simple Jack” was a failure. Kirk says it is because he went “full retard” (Cornfield). This depicts a trend in some acting that creates the belief that playing a part as a retard can actually bring fame and recognition. Although both these aspect are seen as controversial, in Comic Relief, Morreall

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the fake trailers in "tropic thunder" poke fun at overdone sequels, such as mission impossible and rocky.
  • Analyzes how tropic thunder uses the comic device, allusion, as it refers to other war movies and the theme of creating the goriest, most action packed film.
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