Tropic Thunder Vs. Today's Society

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In the opening scene of “Tropic Thunder”, we see elements of a satire with the fake trailers of upcoming movies. In our lives, we are familiar (and probably not too happy about) with the previews before the movie we are about to see. We see the top stars in Hollywood in some of the newest films, some good, and some bad. In our heads, we think either Hollywood has run out of ideas or, that we definitely have to see that one when it comes out. The fake trailers displayed in the movie poke fun of some movies we have seen in recent years come out and the times we wish were not sitting in a movie theatre watching their trailers. One example is when Stuart Cornfield introduces the movie called, “Scorcher 6,” which seems to be one of the many, overdone sequels. Further analyzing the satirical humor, this is the first example of contextual humor because you may not find this funny if you have never been to a movie theatre or lived in the United States. We know of many movies that should have never continued such as, Mission Impossible, Rocky, and some others. “Scorcher 6” definitely seems like a new Tom Cruise movie where he comes in and saves the world, against all odds, and becomes a hero. This is contextual because in other cultures, going to a movie theatre is not an average thing like it is here. A person in Italy, let’s say, may actually believe those are actual movies coming out because the only previews they see are ones that are on TV and they do not perceive movie previews negatively. This is where only Americans may think this is funny because we can relate to what the movie is trying to show with the crazy and absurd fake previews. They do a good job in this movie with this particular opening scene because after the trailers,...

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...l in our society today. With these aspects in the movie, he allows people to see certain flaws in the movie industry and celebrities from a different perspective. It also was a way for the movie industry and those celebrities to see themselves in this way. This movie used comedy as a method of showing these flaws and as it could have encouraged more people than offended. Even with that being said, some people may learn and change, but there will surely always be those absurd celebrities out there. This movie was a hit and many people found it funny in many different ways. This only means that there will probably be more of these films to come.

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