Trophy Hunting As A Game

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Some describe trophy hunting as a game, where hunters choose animals in the wild to hunt down and bring part of the animal body home as a prize or a souvenir, but others describe it as a destruction to the nature of the wild. Trophy hunting has existed ever since the existence of the human race; however, trophy hunting in the history had a different meaning. Instead of hunting for one’s enjoyment or show of strength, human hunts animals for animal body parts that are useful, such as animal skins for clothing, and hunting to protect the village from animals that possess a threat. Hunting animals to protect the village is acceptable similar to other animals on Earth killing others that hold a threat against them. The animals that live in the wild being chased down by the trophy hunters aren’t necessary possessing a threat to human, but the hunters continue to hunt them. If humans believe that no one should be given the right to decide one’s fate, then why should they be allowed to determine the fates’ of the animals, especially those animals that are not being harmful at all. And how would one determine if the animal is a threat to the human race? Instead of answering these difficult questions, the governments across the world should prohibit trophy hunting overall, but it is a known fact that there will definitely be people who are going to object this suggestion especially those who hunts every day. So how could wild animals be protected from trophy hunters, yet trophy hunters won’t be dissatisfied. In “Saving Lions by Killing Them” Alexander Songorwa mentioned that, “In Tanzania, lions are hunted under a 21-day safari package. Hunters pay $9,800 in government fees for the opportunity. An average of about 200 lions are shot a yea... ... middle of paper ... ... to impair the movement and injure the animals, hunters will use specialized bullets that can paralyze the animals with the minimal side effect to the animals’ body. When the animals get shot with the specialized bullets, they will have the same “fall reaction” as real bullets; therefore, the hunters will be satisfied with the enjoyment of hunting. With the plastic model replacing animal heads and special bullets usage, the death rate of the animals due to hunting will decrease when this proposal is being put into action. Besides using plastic made animal models, hunting is prohibited during winter. Animals need fur to keep them warm during the winter similar to human needing extra layers of clothing when it gets colder. If governments fail to make hunting banned during the winter, there is no use of this proposal for the animals might die to coldness in the winter.
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