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Late one Saturday night around 11:00 PM, I had just gotten home from a long shift in the ER, 36 hours long to be exact. My wife of three years, Alex, was in Destin, Florida having a girl’s weekend with several of her friends. This meant I could sleep peacefully until my next shift, which was in a little less than 24 hours. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out drooling like a baby in my nice tempurpedic bed; the one Alex insisted we buy when we got married. Thank goodness we bought it, because after 36 hours of being on my feet, sleeping on a $3,759 mattress doesn’t seem as ridiculous as it sounds.

Alex’s college roommate and best friend, Kellie, was about to give birth to her first child and I knew Alex had planned on being there even if she had to drive the crazy night hours to be there for her friend. But Kellie wasn’t due until Tuesday so Alex had plenty of time to make it home, especially since they were leaving Florida on Sunday evening. Well, little did I know, Alex got the phone call that Kellie was in labor around 1:30 AM. And leave it to Alex, as soon as she got the call, she fixed herself a cup of coffee, loaded up in the car and headed back to Louisiana. She knew I was asleep until my next shift, but she called and left me several messages as she crossed state lines just to let me know she was safe. Unfortunately, I was in such a deep sleep, I never once heard my phone ring nor did I feel it vibrate.

I remember hearing a loud noise in the kitchen wondering what the hell our basset hound was doing. And then I remembered…I left “Whiskey” outside since I got home so late. So, what the hell was going on in my kitchen? Immediately I jumped out of bed and ran to our gun safe. Now...

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..., it was only a minor flesh wound only hitting two muscles. An easy recovery with lots of rest and a few months of physical therapy, thank goodness.

Now although my wife had just been shot, she still made me bring her to the labor and delivery room right after we left the triage. Thankfully, we got there just in time to support Kellie through her labor and the birth of her beautiful daughter, Ella.

Well, it’s been nine months since I shot my wife and we are currently waiting patiently in the labor and delivery room for our first child. I think about what could have been every day and it pains me to think that I almost lost her that morning. But thank God I didn’t lose my beautiful wife; I did however earn a terrible nickname, “Trigger.” And as we look back on that night now, Alex and I laugh and joke that all I had to do was shoot her if I wanted a son so badly.
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