Trifles by Susan Glaspell

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Trifles by Susan Glaspell is a one-act play centered around a woman, Mrs. Wright, who allegedly murdered her husband, Mr. Wright, in the night. There are no witnesses of his death; only unofficial confessions and he-said she-said talk. Without viable evidence and information (and the absence of Mrs. Wright altogether), the play soon focuses on a group of people who gather at the Wrights’ home the day after the murder. These characters include a male sheriff, county attorney, and neighboring farmer and their two wives. It is their job to determine what truly happened to Mr. Wright and piece together any evidence that would enable the conviction of Mrs. Wright. It is with the plot, setting, and overall use of symbolism that Glaspell communicates her message and themes. These messages and themes, which are the glue to the play, allow the audience to understand how unhappy of a life Mrs. Wright lived and how men viewed women’s roles as unimportant. The setting and symbolism of the play act as a portal that allows for the dramatic development of the message and themes. Throughout the play, Glaspell continually uses the setting to demonstrate the differences between men and women during that time period, and further, how the lives and roles of women were devalued and considered unimportant. From the start of the play, the audience immediately gets a feel for the run-down atmosphere of the farmhouse, the life Mrs. Wright must of led, and more importantly, the distinct separation between the male and female sexes. Not only are the genders separated biologically and geographically throughout the play, they also differ in mindset, behavior, and overall thoughts regarding the motive of the murder. This can be seen when Mr. Henderson, Mr. P... ... middle of paper ... ...their eyelids to cover any pigmentation and light application of mascara. The makeup should not be overdone as it should portray how they are tired both physically and emotionally of living a life based upon their husbands’ wants and desires belittling them every chance they get. In conclusion, the production of Trifles by Susan Glaspell will resemble the message and themes spoken of throughout the play. Written to portray the deprecation of women, this play uses the plot, setting, and symbolism to demonstrate the overall message and themes. Although the ending of the play is never stated, one never finds out the fate of Mrs. Wright or suspect involved in killing the bird, one thing will always remain clear: Susan Glaspell and her play will continue to go down in history being preformed to showcase that women are human beings and they all deserve equal treatment.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how glaspell's one-act play trifles focuses on a group of people who gather at the wrights' home the day after the murder.
  • Analyzes how glaspell uses the setting and symbolism of the play to demonstrate the differences between men and women during that time period.
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