Trickery or Treat in Richard the Third

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Trickery or Treat in Richard the Third In the play "Richard III", Richard's trickery and manipulation ultimately leads to his downfall. His goals are based on what he can get from others and how they can help him, not on helping himself. This paper shows how Richard uses his skills of trickery and manipulation to not only move up on the hierarchy, but to actually get elected king. He uses his trickery to get Anne his wife to help move up his position on the hierarchy; he uses his trickery to get elected and to get his men to fight for him and not for the better of the country. Throughout the play Richard uses his trickery to persuade people to see things his way. In his conversation with Anne, he makes her believe that her beauty is the cause of death for both her husband and father-in-law. He tells her, "Your beauty was the cause of that effect- / Your beauty, that did haunt me in my sleep / To undertake the death of all the world, / So I might live one hour in your sweet bosom." (Act I, Scene ii p.66) After Richard tells Anne this she believes him, when actually all ...

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