Trick Or Treat: The Worst Night of My Life

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-Five Days Earlier- A couple of things made that day stand out more than others: It was almost Halloween, and Cameron Shaw was with me. Not the Cameron from physics that never failed to be picking his nose, but the Cameron who was smart, funny, and oh so cute. And he was asking me out. “So I was thinking, you and I should go out on Halloween,” he had said. I played it off cool, hoping he wouldn’t realize how excited I was. I’ve had a crush on Cameron since kindergarten, when he gave me a flower and told me I was pretty. “Yeah, that sounds great! What time?” “Does six sound good? I wanna take you to a haunted house.” I smiled, “Six sounds great! I’ll see you then.” “Until then, m’lady.” -The Present- Blood runs down my forehead and I wince. This whole night has been a total nightmare. When I showed up to the haunted house, I expected cheesy ‘mystical relics’, not a psychotic serial killer. Footsteps pound the floor of the house and I clap my hand over my mouth, trying not to scream. A face appears, and I gasp, but it’s not who I expected. Instead of the pale, empty face of our attacker, it’s the tan, chiseled face I had grown to love. “Oh thank God you’re okay!” I leap into Cameron’s arms, relieved. “Emma, you’re hurt, what happened?” “I was running away from whoever that guy is, and I fell and hit my head.” I cross my arms, trying to conceal a shiver. “Cam, we have to get out of here.” “I don’t know how. I tried the front doors and they’re locked; we’ll have to find a window or something.” I put my head in my hands and start to cry. Are we going to get out of this? Will I ever see my family again? Will our deaths be quick, or slow, like the others? Cameron pulls me into a long hug, and somehow, I manage to cal... ... middle of paper ... ...u. I can’t let something like love get in the way of everything I have worked for. You must be removed from the equation.” “Cameron, think logically; you don’t want to kill me, we can be happy together.” Desperation taints my words, and he knows it. “Sorry Emma, it’s been great, but it’s time for you to go.” Just as he raises the knife, I rush him, hoping for an element of surprise, but unfortunately, I’m out of luck. He dodges me, and delivers a swift backhand. I collapse, and for a moment, everything is white. I push myself back up, aware that I could die any second. I wipe the blood from my face and try again. When he tries comes closer, I drive my knee into his crotch. He falls to his knees, clutching his abdomen, and I let out a breath, relieved. Unfortunately, I still have the other guy to deal with. “Alright, that’s enough. Come here you little bitch.”

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