Trends And Challenges In MICE Tourism Promotion

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Marketing Innovation – T&H

Marketing Innovation – T&H

Marketing Innovations – T&H


MICE Tourism Promotion

MICE Tourism Promotion

Module Description
The goal of studying this module is to understand the basic concepts of promotions and marketing in tourism and hospitality. This module describes tourism promotion, its goals, types, concepts like promotion mix. You will be able to understand basic concepts like differences between promotion and marketing and their importance to the tourism and hospitality industry. It also explains the general global trends in tourism promotion and in analyzing the role of globalization in tourism promotion. We have also highlighted the challenged faced by tourism promotion.
By the end of this module, students will be able to know the concepts of tourism promotion, the basic difference between promotion and marketing, and the global trends which are affecting tourism promotion. They will also be able to define the significance of promotion strategies in tourism development. They will also be able to predict various drivers and boosters influencing the growth of tourism.

Chapter 4.1
Trends and Challenges in MICE Tourism Promotion
Chapter 4.2
Marketing Communication

Introduction to Marketing | Marketing Management

Marketing Innovation – T&H
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The high level of competition within and outside the industry makes you be constantly creative and unique in your approach. Your customers should always get the best image of the destination and its offerings. It should offer and contribute towards sales through the diffusion of information. It should act as a driver in encouraging the actual or potential customers to travel. Salah Wahab, Author of Tourism, Development and Trade defined the objectives of promotion

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