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The American health care system has changed considerably over the past 150 years. From colonial times, access to health care has been less a history of access and inclusion and more one of exclusion and organizing to guarantee its access to the increasingly diverse population of a growing country. During the 1930s, financial sufferings forced the U.S. administration to make available employment security, health benefits and retirement rations. The US health care system categorized by numerous challenges such as poor customer approval, low healthcare quality, increased cost and low coverage. These problems are only signs of the primary difficulties in healthcare. Healthcare is currently, undergoing a risky transformational model shift in a century. As a result, of the serious obstacles with health delivery models currently in operation, a methodical investigation is necessary to ensure that the root cause of the problem is identified and the necessary solutions provided. The rising cost of healthcare and the mandated requirements set by insurance companies and government health policy it is becoming increasingly more difficult for that the solo and private practice model of access to health care system is becoming more difficult to find in this ever-changing capitalist health care system of delivery.

Global Trends:
Over the past decade, one of the clear trends in healthcare delivery systems in the United States is the evolution of large group practices. Clinicians are increasingly joining large group models, a larger number are becoming personnel of hospital owned and centered practices, and many are forming multi-specialty teams. There are fewer single and small practices, fewer medical doctor owned practices, and fewer self-reg...

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...ite care for the wealthy and health care for the uninsured or lower income recipients. The declining provider role for both countries continues to face challenges to meet the need of each society. The rise cost of health care and lower clinician compensation has made the career choice not as favorable as it once was.
The Russian health care facilities are limited but the US has a vast array of health care facilities. In recent years, the US has seen a decline in medical providers in rural areas due to the changes health care polices. In Russia with the passage of Medical Association, they have begun to develop a stronger health care system. In the US due to decentralization, services have improved and geographical expansion has been improved. Although with the implementation of Affordable Care Act, the effect on physician practice outcomes remain to be determined.
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